Paul Rudd’s Amazing Dancing GIFs, Ranked

Tonight, Adult Swim — the network that brings us The Venture Bros., Robot Chicken, Metalocalypse, and keeps Paul Scheer in hairpieces — will allow us to witness Adam Scott’s The Greatest Event in Television History, Part IV. This is a privilege it does not bestow on everyone, only those with cable subscriptions and/or high-speed Internet service and access a computer. We should all be honored to witness such a rare event, so rare in fact that it’s only happened three times in the past year and a half. But this one — the fourth — is different. Why? Because it’s the last Greatest Event in Television History, and after it, there will never be another Greatest Event in Television History again, which means that we will continue our meaningless existences with good, or fine television events, BUT NEVER THE GREATEST AGAIN.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we have decided to rank the dancing GIFs of the Greatest Dancing GIF machine of all time ever, Paul Rudd, who will feature prominently in the final Greatest Event in Television History.

But, before a Paul Rudd Dance GIF ranking can begin, it’s important to get on Facebook and Twitter to alert the world.

Then Paul Rudd must shave, because you gotta look nice for a GIF ranking.

Before Rudd gets started, he warms up with a few stretching exercises.

Gotta work those legs before a dance-off.

Now, work the pole. NICE.

Never got to a Dance GIF ranking without your shades.

You can’t dance without music. Let’s start with a little harmonica.

Here’s some keyboard.

Now, let’s slap da bass.

Lay in some guitar.

Finally, here’s Paul Rudd on lead vocals.

Now we’re ready to rank the Dance GIFs. Are you ready?

Let’s begin.

8. Start it slow with some white boy moves.

7. Now, get those hips moving!

6. Get some arm action, Rudd!

5. That’s better, now MORE.


3. Get those feet going!

2. Now, bring it all together, Paul. GO RUDD! GO RUDD. IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY.

1. Now, hit ’em with the big finish.