UPROXX Live Q&A With Paul Scheer Of ‘NTSF: SD: SUV’, ‘The League’ And ‘Human Giant’ Fame

Oh boy. Fresh off of us having Martin Starr of NTSF:SD:SUV in to chat with readers, today we’re welcoming the lovely and gracious Paul Scheer — who plays Trent Hauser on the show — to hang out for a spell. Additionally, you may know Paul for playing Andre on The League, Sir Tinkle Button on Children’s Hospital and/or his work on Human Giant with Aziz Ansari and Rob Huebel, just to name a few. Basically Paul’s been a part of a number of comedy projects we adore around here. And if all that weren’t enough, Paul’s also a GIF-crazy Breaking Bad fanboy just like us. Seriously, what’s not to love about this guy?

The chat is scheduled to begin at 2 PM EST, and will go for about half an hour or so, which will give you all plenty of time to come up with questions for him. With that said, here are a couple of tips to help this all run smoothly as possible: 1) Begin your questions to Paul with “@Paul” or “@Paul Scheer” to keep things organized and allow him to find your questions easily, and 2) Feel free to load up some questions ahead of time. This should be fun.

A side note: I got to know Paul a little bit earlier in the summer (more specifics on that in the near future). Two things I took away from this time: 1) the man enjoys wine and he has few qualms about drinking it on set, and 2) he enjoys roaming neighborhoods in costume when he’s shooting on location. I know other stuff about him but I’m going to withhold that now for purposes of potential future blackmail.

Now, let’s do this!

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