Paula Deen Was Held In Contempt For Refusing To Release A Video In Which She Fellates A Chocolate Éclair

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The hits keep on coming for Paula Deen, as now, in the aftermath of her infamous “of course I’ve used the N-word” deposition and her “I was born 60 years ago” defense of it, she bailed on her Today Show appearance this morning, and RadarOnline has learned that she was held in contempt for refusing to turn over a blooper reel containing “obscene and vulgar video outtakes.” (She has since complied with the judge’s order, although they could have found most of it right here on this very website.)

A quick refresher:

That video — which consists of outtakes from her show — is said to include the 66-year-old dropping the swear word “motherf**kers”, declaring a dish smells like a “stinky coochie” and suggestively describing one gooey meal as “just a syrup that’s gonna stick our balls together.”

She even pretends to perform a fellatio act on a pastry before declaring, “My a** ain’t pretty no more!”

See, if we didn’t know all we know now, I would probably put this information in my Cool Food Lady folder right next to the stuff from Sandra Lee’s blooper reel, and file the whole thing away until a video surfaces online of Giada De Laurentiis performing “No Diggity” by Blackstreet at karaoke. But when you also remember things like this

A major point in the suit is that Deen’s brother, Bubba, was accused of looking at pornography at work and showing it to employees. Asked whether she has any problem with such practices, Deen said, “If somebody sent him something and he pulled it up and looked at it, no, I would not persecute him for that.”

… and this…

In her deposition, Deen was asked whether the fact that her brother admitted to watching pornography and using the N-word at their restaurant caused her to have concerns about him running their business. She responded, “just because he’s got a sense of humor does not make him a bad person or incapable of running a business.” Questioned as to whether jokes of a sexual or racist nature are in poor taste at a place of work, she responded, “We have all told off-color jokes … Every man I’ve ever come in contact with has one.”

… it makes you take a step back. That’s the problem with racism. It really puts a damper on a good eclair/BJ joke. I mean, among other things.

Oh, and apparently this is happening, so stay tuned.



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