Yup, Mike Myers Plays Eight Characters In Netflix’s ‘The Pentaverate,’ Which Unfolded Some Secrets In A Chaos-Filled Teaser

In mid 2021, Netflix revealed that Mike Myers would play an astounding number of characters (seven) in a new comedic series called The Pentaverate. Well, the Austin Powers frontman decided to drop in a bonus character, and that’s where this teaser comes in. Eight is a lot. This teaser is a lot! The show revolves around the centuries-long aftermath of a catastrophe (the Black Plague of 1347), after which a secret society came together to make sure that humanity’s sh*t doesn’t go off the rails again.

Seems more than a little bit timely. The society’s called (like the show, obv) the Pentaverate, and in addition to Myers’ wild cast of characters, Ken Jeong will play a casino mogul/chaos theory specialist and Keegan-Michael Key will portray a nuclear physicist with Debi Mazar, Richard McCabe, and Jennifer Saunders all picking up similarly extravagant roles. Via Netflix, here’s who Myers will portray:

Ken Scarborough: An old-school Canadian news journalist who sets out to expose the Pentaverate and win his job back
Anthony Lansdowne: A New England conspiracy theorist, determined to expose the Pentaverate
Rex Smith: A far-right radio host and highly prominent conspiracy theorist
Lord Lordington: The Pentaverate’s oldest and highest-ranking member.
Bruce Baldwin: Former media mogul
Mishu Ivanov: Ex-Russian oligarch
Shep Gordon: Former Rock-N-Roll manager
Jason Eccleston: A tech genius who invented the Pentaverate’s super computer, MENTOR

Again, it’s a lot. And since there (probably) won’t be an Austin Powers 4, and the world doesn’t need more of The Love Guru, we can relax and wrap our heads around the Myers madness to come in this series.

Netflix’s The Pentaverate debuts on May 5.