Pete Davidson Has Admitted To Being ‘Very Stoned’ When Buying That Ferry Boat With Colin Jost

Almost everyone has done something they might regret while under the influence of some sort of substance, and oftentimes it involves a frivolous purchase. Maybe after a little too much wine, you decided you really need to own an overpriced artisanal candle because that’s what Gwyneth Paltrow told you to do and you wouldn’t dare question it. Or maybe you took too much allergy medicine and ended up with a whole new wardrobe for your 20-year-old Build-A-Bear. It happens, and you should not feel ashamed.

But when you’re a celebrity or a person with disposable income, those impulse purchases might become so large that you need to research local maritime regulations, like, say, buying a decommissioned ferry boat, which is exactly what Pete Davidson and Colin Jost did last year.

While the gesture seemed cool (it’s a giant boat, for crying out loud) Davidson admitted that he and Jost were a little out of their minds when deciding to go through with it. “Me and Colin were very stoned a year ago and bought a ferry,” Davidson told Entertainment Tonight. So what’s the deal with the boat at the moment? Quite literally nothing, thanks to the long list of horrifying issues, including a rat infestation and asbestos. Bet that overpriced candle is looking pretty good right about now.

“I have no idea what’s going on with that thing,” Davidson added, saying that the duo is still “figuring it out.” The two had hoped to turn the ferry into a comedy club, but that idea seems dead in the water at the moment.

Meanwhile, Davidson has been out promoting a different form of transportation. He has a small part in the latest Transformers movie which hits theaters this weekend. He joked, “Hopefully [the ferry] turns into a Transformer and gets the f**k out of there so I can stop paying for it,” he added. Maybe that Transformers check will go directly into the ferry fund.

(Via Entertainment Tonight)