Pete Holmes Tells Wolverine Exactly What We’d Probably Tell Wolverine

Ever wanted to tell X-Men fan favorite Wolverine that he’s kind of a dick? Brand new tv show having-guy Pete Holmes does just that in this sketch from his new show. Pete Holmes + bald wig = Professor X, right? The skit premiered at this year’s New York Comic Con.

And while I’m at it, Wolverine is kind of the worst. Overly confident Canadian dudes who can’t shave and dress almost exclusively in a wifebeater, a leather jacket, and the same pair of jeans? Nah, dude. And Wolverine was always the biggest pain in the ass to control on Marvel vs Capcom. All jumpy but not high enough and big lumbering punches. Anyway. Wow. I’ve been waiting a decade to say that in a public forum.