The Former Child Actor And Voice Of Charlie Brown Pled Guilty In A Cop-Killing Conspiracy

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The above video clip begged for replay, as it perfectly illustrates the June open-court freakout from actor Peter Robbins. You’d never recognize the guy for a few reasons. First, he’s a former child actor, and that seldom goes well in later life. Second, he was the voice of Charlie Brown in such classics as A Charlie Brown Christmas and It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

In the video (obtained by TMZ), Robbins was in court for sentencing on probation violations after a 2013 conviction for felony stalking and criminal threats. He pleaded guilty to both offenses against his girlfriend, Shawna Kern, and the plastic surgeon who did her breast implants. All did not go well during the hearing, as Robbins shouted obscenities towards the judge: “I hope you drop dead of a heart attack. You stupid @#(&(%*)%! … He’s roughing me up. He’s got a gun. Run for your lives!” Robbins also fired his public defender after expressing disappointment at the attorney’s lack of mob connections.

That fateful day, Robbins went back to jail where he’s remained, but the saga is not complete. Robbins managed to land himself back in court on Tuesday, when he pleaded guilty in a cop-killing conspiracy. (Now there’s a mic drop if there ever was one.) In doing so, Robbins admitted “to threatening to hire a hitman to kill” San Diego Sheriff Bill Gore. Robbins reportedly offered his fellow inmates $50,000 if they would take out Gore after leaving jail. Robbins also informed the judge that he is both bipolar and schizophrenic, so “I’m mentally ill. I’ve committed no crime.”

Robbins will come back to court (again) for sentencing in December. He could receive close to five years in prison, and here’s what San Diego County Deputy District Attorney Brenda Daly said in court:

“He has solicited and attempted to solicit many members through letters and writings to kill Sheriff Gore. He has attempted to intimidate many, many people. He has acted out in jail numerous times.”

All of this sheriff-killing conspiracy business went down while Robbins was in jail, which is pretty hardcore. That’s not even the weirdest detail of this story. When Robbins was arrested last September, he was lounging about at home with his dog. The dog’s name? Snoopy.

(Via LA Times and The Daily Beast)