Watch Pickle Rick Struggle To Get Through This Animated ‘Rick And Morty’ Blooper Reel

In a lot of ways, Rick and Morty is a unique cartoon. For one, they use improv to set up entire bits of the show, or at least the show’s intergalactic cable channels. But beyond that, much of the voice acting for the main characters is done by one person. Co-creator Justin Roiland voices both titular characters Rick and Morty, which basically means a lot of the show’s dialogue is just Justin talking to himself.

The effort it takes from Roiland to create a finished product really is something, especially when the characters are put in some awkward positions. That includes one of the show’s most beloved episodes, last season’s “Pickle Rick,” wherein Rick Sanchez turns himself into a pickle to avoid going to family therapy.

Pickle Rick became a beloved figure in the show, with fans getting tattoos and just generally shouting the phrase at random passersby because it’s kind of fun. But getting the audio tracks down was tough for Roiland, as evidenced by the above video where he can’t get through one of the episode’s opening lines. Roiland is a professional, though, and he does manage to get it all done.

The result was one of the show’s seminal episodes, showing the lengths to which Rick Sanchez will go to avoid addressing the serious problems in his family, many of which he caused. It’s fitting that the show’s fanbase gravitated toward a bit that showed how harmful Rick’s selfishness is while not taking the context of the bit into consideration.

In the same way, though, critics of Rick and Morty often can’t see beyond the show’s myopic fans, to see its many perks. It’s all a bit complicated, I guess is what I’m saying. And it’s still funny when they go to the trouble of animating some bloopers.