Jimmy Kimmel Interviewed The Hero Who Came Up With Pizza-Topped Pizza

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There seems to be no item you can’t add to a pizza, be it bacon, hot dogs, or… okay, testicles might have been a bridge too far. But still, for whatever reason, no one came up with a method to top their pizza with more pizza. Until now.

Sean Berthiaume of Vinnie’s Pizzeria started selling his Mini Vinnies (yeah, I’m also shocked there wasn’t an Inception pun) last weekend and has sold “over 1,000 slices” to date. To be fair, Berthiaume had a very important aid with him. When asked if he was on medical marijuana when coming up with this genius move, Berthiaume simply replied “Not medical.”

Not driving to BK for it, but hell, I wanna try one.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)

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