Please Allow Stephen Colbert To Break Down Idaho’s Impossibly Batsh*t GOP Gubernatorial Debate

05.22.14 13 Comments

Last week a debate was held in the state of Idaho featuring four men vying to be the Republican who runs for governor in that state this fall. It was not a great moment in American history for political discourse. It was, however, a great moment for comedy because it was filled with soundbites like this one from a man named Harley Brown: “You might find this offensive, but I hit everybody — Jews, Polish people, Irish, Italians, religious jokes and black jokes…I don’t like political correctness…It sucks. It’s bondage.” And that was just the beginning.

Starring in the best or worst debate in the world, depending on your perspective, was current Republican Governor Butch Otter (yes, that’s his actual name) along with, as Stephen Colbert describes it, “a cowboy, a curmudgeon and an old coot.” This was truly one for the ages. Allow Colbert to walk you through it.

Welcome to American politics in 2014, folks. The rapid descent into Idiocracy continues.

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