The Sopranos Rewatch Project: ‘Pod Yourself A Gun’ Episode 4, With Felix Biederman From Chapo Trap House


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Felix Biederman (@ByYourLogic), Chapo Trap House’s premiere Sopranos enthusiast, joins Vince (me) and Matt on Pod Yourself A Gun this week to discuss Sopranos episode 4, “Meadowlands.”

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The Sopranos is still finding its voice in this episode, though there are glimpses of what it would eventually become. Our discussion brings us to such topics as the Three 6 Mafia, the size of polo shirts in the late 90s, the coolest Jewish kid in middle school, AJ’s taste in Gnu Metal, the merits of the N64 controller, and the first appearance of crooked detective Vin Makazian. There’s also pager pranks, 90s websites, the ouvre of Ulver, a real-life mafia hit this week, and the question of whether today’s gangsters are modeling themselves on The Sopranos the way the Sopranos characters modeled themselves on The Godfather.

Oh, also, it’s 16 minutes of riffing before we actually start discussing the episode. You should probably know that going in. They were pretty good riffs though.

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