Michael Madsen Will Play SuperShock In The Upcoming Second Season Of ‘Powers’

Brian Michael Bendis/Getty Image

The first season of the Playstation-exclusive TV series Powers wasn’t a smash hit with critics, but apparently it was successful enough for Sony to order up a second season. We know The Tick creator Ben Endlund has joined the show as a writer, which is a great thing, and now we also know Michael Madsen will be joining the cast.

Madsen will be playing the aging superhero SuperShock. Basically, every “realistic,” edgy take on superheroes needs a version of Superman who’s crazy and/or a total asshole, and that’s the role SuperShock fills in the Powers universe. Having retired 40 years ago, SuperShock returns to action after the death of Retro Girl, but unfortunately the once-beloved hero has gone off his meds. The results aren’t pretty.

It will be, uh, interesting to see what Madsen brings to the role. The dude’s been stuck mostly in cheeseball mode for a long time now, but he can turn up the menace when he has to. This casting could be genius, or it could be the mistake that finally breaks this show’s back.

Powers also stars Sharlto Copley as Detective Christian Walker and Susan Heyward as his partner Deena Pilgrim. The second season of Powers should hit the Playstation Network sometime in early 2016.

(via Deadline)