Watch Jimmy Fallon Recap The Wild, Crazy, Memorable #SNL40 Afterparty Featuring Prince

If you’re not a fan of name dropping, long stories with a lot of set up, or Jimmy Fallon, this might not be the video for you. But if you can stomach it and return to last night’s SNL 40th anniversary special for a moment, you’re going to find a hell of story.

It starts off slow, with lots of famous names popping up like Tom Hanks, Jack Nicholson, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, and a whole slew of others. There’s a lot of praise coming from Fallon, but it seems like he’s just going to recap the entire show for everybody right here on national television.

Then he gets to the after party and, much like this story itself, things get a little unexpected. Gone is the rigid nature of Lorne Michaels baby, replaced by the unexpected glee that follows a bunch of drunk famous people into a party with an empty stage full of musical instruments.

You can see it over here, but the party had Paul McCartney and Taylor Swift forming a super group on stage to do “Shake it Off,” Miley Cyrus playing keyboard and singing a sad song about a goldfish, Bill Murray casually playing tambourine with Elvis Costello, and most amazing of all, Prince.

Dave Chappelle helped make that happen by the way, which is a cool side note. Really is almost too much to handle picturing Prince basically parting the purple sea and floating to the stage.

Questlove got most of it on video along with DJ Cassidy, they didn’t have anything else to do since nobody needed a DJ. So there’s the proof that this did happen. I do believe Fallon when he says it was the best night of his life. Just too bad we couldn’t all go to experience it.

(Via The Tonight Show)