R.I.P. Daniel Von Bargen, The Actor Who Played Mr. Kruger On ‘Seinfeld’

Quintessential “oh, that guy!” actor Daniel von Bargen, best known for playing George’s boss Mr. Kruger on Seinfeld and Spangler on Malcolm in the Middle, died over the weekend after a long fight with diabetes. WLWT notes that in 2012, von Bargen, who had his leg amputated, “suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound.” He then told a “911 operator he didn’t want to go to surgery to have toes removed due to diabetic complications.”

Like so many classic Seinfeld guest stars, what he lacked in number of appearances (only four), he more than made up in memorable moments, like the famous Koko vs. T-Bone debate.

Here’s a best-of collection.

And a scene of his from O Brother, Where Art Thou?