Rashida Jones And Rob Lowe Will Also Return To ‘Parks And Rec’ Next Season

Jon Hamm’s mysteriously stupid Ed won’t be the only familiar face making his return to Pawnee for the seventh and final season of Parks and Recreation. According to TV Line, Chris Traeger and Ann Perkins-Traeger couldn’t stay away from their friends for too long, because they’ll be coming back for at least one episode for the upcoming season that still has no premiere date. The reality is that Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones will only show up for one episode, but I’m an optimist and my therapist, Dr. Richard Nygard, told me that if I believe that Chris and Ann will be back for more than one episode, it will happen.

While the casting new is only starting to heat up, there’s a good chance that we could be in for a ton of cameos in this final season, at least if Michael Schur has his way.

“We made a list of people that we needed to see back one more time. We didn’t get everybody we wanted, because some people had other obligations. But a lot of the people we were hoping to see one more time — we managed to make that happen.” (Via TV Line)

It’s a shame this isn’t a request, because I could spend the next hour or so naming new celebrities that we’d like to see added, but instead I’ll just hope that we get to see Patton Oswalt filibuster for another hour, Paul Rudd share a wonderfully spoiled story from his childhood and, if there’s time, maybe Ginuwine can perform for Lil Sebastian one more time. And that’s obviously all on top of Jean Ralphio appearing in every episode. I might sound greedy, but a world without Jean Ralphio is on the horizon, and I’m simply not ready for that yet.