‘Recurring Developments’ Visually Tracks Every Recurring Joke On ‘Arrested Development’

Keeping track of Arrested Development‘s many, many, many, many recurring jokes can be exhausting. It’s the reason why people didn’t watch the show when it first aired (way ahead of its time), and why the resurrected series has shed its “cult” label and is a mainstream hit now. There’s even an entire Wiki page dedicated to all of ’em.

Enter: “Recurring Developments,” which visualizes every STEVE HOLT, every Tobias gay joke, Lucille wink, every “NO TOUCHING” reference during the show’s three-season run. The website was put together by Beutler Ink and Red Edge and it does masterful job of even making “Her?” pleasing to the eye. Here’s how it works.

Find the joke you want to see on the left.

Click “ice cream sandwich”…

…and now you know every single episode that mentions ice cream sandwiches. INTERNET LOVE WEBSITE.

(Via Recurring Developments)

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