Reddit Officially Enters Into The Documentary Series Game With ‘Cyborg Nation’

Reddit has elected to nudge its antenna into the world of documentary offerings with the launch of its new six-part series Cyborg Nation.

A co-production with mass media giant Condé Nast, Cyborg Nation explores the world of technology and how it relates to the humans that rely upon it. The title had us picturing a metallic hellscape where gun toting technosoldiers hunt down one another because of upvoting/downvoting conflicts, but Reddit’s chosen to go the science and education route instead.

The program, which premiered today on WIRED, investigates things like wearable exoskeletons, remote-controlled cockroaches and prosthetic hands that can feel textures and temperatures. Reddit co-founder and executive chairman Alexis Ohanian praised Redditors for helping place a spotlight on the subject matter covered on the show.

“The hundreds of thousands of communities of Reddit generate more original ideas in one day than the world’s best newsroom could produce in a lifetime.”

Cyborg Nation isn’t too lengthy of a watch if you elect to give it a gander. Each episode runs somewhere between three to six minutes and should be making its way to Reddit and Condé Nast’s digital channels in the not too distant future. A series of Reddit AMA sessions with some of the profile subjects is also on the horizon.

(via The Verge)