REMINDER: Will Ferrell Once Went On ‘Late Night With Conan O’Brien’ In Character As Robert Goulet

05.17.13 18 Comments

Please consider this post your periodic reminder that Will Ferrell once appeared on Late Night with Conan O’Brien in character as Robert Goulet, cigarette in hand, drinking a Diablo Martini, and spent his whole interview calling Conan “Johnny” and insisting he was in Burbank, California. It was insane and strange and hilarious. I like to imagine the real Goulet sitting at home in Las Vegas that night, flipping through the channels while smoking a cigarette and drinking a martini himself, and stumbling across this as it was happening live. I bet he thought it was groovy.

Anyway, here is my favorite part of this clip: That’s not post-Anchorman, post-Talladega Nights, eff-you-money-having Will Ferrell. That’s SNL cast member Will Ferrell, who chose to spend an entire interview segment on a nationally televised late-night talk show doing a goofy caricature of a famous crooner, instead of going on as himself to plug his career or whatever. I always liked that.

Dig it.

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