Reminisce With Some Of The Worst Examples Of Movies That Have Been Edited For TV

Here’s a supercut we’re probably all familiar with by now: movies edited and censored for television. It’s nothing new, but it never ceases to be funny.

I can still remember the first time I watched The Big Lebowski on television and heard Walter’s famous rant while demolishing that brand new car. They even have a section on it in the book I’m A Lebowski, You’re A Lebowski, that’s how famous it is.

I don’t know why they even try to show some of these movies on television. Casino basically replaces Joe Pesci’s voice with some other guy for at least 95% of the movie. But there it is, on AMC or some other channel with Goodfellas and Scarface.

I know there are plenty more, so please share your favorite. Most of mine are covered in the video, but I thought it’d be fun to see some more that have been captured.

(Via Titus Velez)