REPORT: Stephen Colbert Is The Frontrunner To Replace Letterman, And He Wants The Job

Earlier today we learned that one former Daily Show correspondent, John Oliver, didn’t get the gig to replace the retiring David Letterman (or Craig Ferguson for that matter). Now we’re learning — via Mashable, of all media outlets — that Stephen Colbert is CBS’ top choice to replace Letterman. Further, Colbert is interested in the gig.

Reports Mashable:

Stephen Colbert is CBS’ top choice to replace the retiring David Letterman, and has indicated that he’s willing to take over the Late Show when the time comes, people familiar with both sides of the discussions tell Mashable.

Colbert has not had any formal contract discussions with CBS, and no agreement is in place, but sources tell Mashable that he first engaged with network executives while Letterman was still mulling the timing of his retirement. Though CBS has had conversations with other candidates, including Colbert’s Comedy Central counterpart Jon Stewart, individuals with knowledge of the situation say Colbert is currently the front-and-center candidate.

A CBS spokesman told Mashable: “We’re not commenting on any rumors or speculation about succession.” Comedy Central had no comment.

Meanwhile, I love Colbert, but remain firmly in the #teamCraigFerguson camp.