‘Rick And Morty’ Is Getting Really Good Ratings. No Seriously.

When Dan Harmon said he was making an animated show for Adult Swim, you might not have thought the term “ratings hit” would ever be applied to it. Vulture reports that Rick and Morty’s ratings have increased to 1.5 for men under 35, making it ahead of even Archer in that demo (and eclipsing Community, which scored a 1.0 for men under 35). The show is also doing well with all adults under 50, earning a 0.8 while Community got a 1.1.

The point of all this is that we’re probably going to get another season of Rick and Morty, which is great. One hundred years, Rick and Morty. You can watch this week’s episode on YouTube, so do that and join the 1.5, whatever exactly that means.

[Image via Getty]