Former Child Star Ricky Schroder Was Among Those Who Donated To Kyle Rittenhouse’s Bail, And People Are Horrified

In late August, a 17-year-old named Kyle Rittenhouse from Illinois crossed state lines and shot three protesters during the unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, killing two. One he shot in the head. Instead of inspiring a reckoning among conservative circles, Rittenhouse became a Republican folk hero. Indeed, less than three months later he’s been set free, after raising enough funds to make his astronomical bail of $2 million. And people were shocked to discover some of that dough came from no less than former child star Ricky Schroder.

Schroder, who has never reclaimed the spotlight he once had as the young star of the ’80s sitcom Silver Spoons, was outed on Friday by Rittenhouse’s lawyer L. Lin Wood, who himself is most famous for defending Richard Jewell, a rent-a-cop falsely accused of terrorism during the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics. (Wood was played by Sam Rockwell in Clint Eastwood’s movie from last year.) Wood thanked those who raised money to free a teenager facing two counts of murder, and singled out two prominent donators: Mike Lindell, aka the My Pillow guy, and the once-famous Schroder.

Schroder was proud to be called out. He even reposted Wood’s tweet on Parler, the social media site that has been overtaken by conservatives and which, despite its commitment to free speech, requires one to sign up for an account to read what people post there. But those who remember him were horrified to learn what he’s become. Some even check out his Wikipedia page, where they learned that, only two years ago, he was arrested twice for suspicions of domestic abuse, though he was not prosecuted for either.

Schroder was a big star in the ’80s, but he never successfully transitioned into an adult performer. Not for lack of trying. He spent three seasons on NYPD Blue, during which time he changed his name to simply “Rick.” (He’s since changed it back.) But people were not happy to see the 50-something Ricky.

Some reckoned with their youth.

Some questioned his priorities.

Some pointed out that Dolly Parton knows how to use her riches.

Others remarked on how the Trump era has exposed the seedier sides of people’s natures.

Some compared and contrasted him with Paul Rudd, who is one year older and not someone who donates to people awaiting murder trials.

One person pointed out that Schroder first became famous with the 1979 remake of the 1930s wrestling weepie The Champ, in which his father was played by an even better-known conservative actor: Jon Voight.

One person who chimed in was fellow actor Chad Lowe, who shed some light on Schroder’s evolution.

And some had no idea who Ricky Schroder is.

But those who did knew that the real star of Silver Spoons was a young supporting player named Jason Bateman.

Kyle Rittenhouse is due for a preliminary hearing on December 3, where he will be tried for first-degree intentional homicide.

(Via THR)