A ‘The Rehearsal’ Guest Revealed How He Crashed His Scion TC At 100 MPH, And It’s Not Great

WARNING: Spoilers for The Rehearsal below.

During the second episode of Nathan Fielder‘s new HBO show, The Rehearsal, viewers are introduced to Robbin Stone and his eclectic penchant for seeing supposedly divine number combinations and constantly referencing the time he totaled his Scion tC at 100 mph. While the show was filming an elaborate simulation in Oregon for a woman named Angela, who wanted to experience what it would be like to have a child, Robbin emerged as a potential suitor and was invited to participate in the experiment with Angela.

However, despite Robbin sharing Angela’s Christian beliefs, the situation went south when Fielder rode back to Robbin’s apartment to pick up some belongings for an overnight stay. At the apartment, Fielder watched as Robbin smoked pot, oddly had three mattresses in his room, and confessed to frequently having pre-marital sex without protection. Robbin also got in a fight with his roommate over his number obsession. As they got ready to leave, Robbin planned to drive despite being high. When Fielder questioned that decision, he noticed that Robbin’s car didn’t have a license plate. It was not the best look, and Robbin ended up bailing on Angela after the robot baby (you read that right) cried too much during the night.

While Robbin instantly became a meme bonanza on Twitter, it’s clear he didn’t come off great during his short time on The Rehearsal. So, in an attempt to tell his side of the story, he agreed to an interview where he couldn’t resist telling the story about his infamous Scion tC crash. Turns out the details are pretty bad. According to Robbin, he had gotten high and drunk at work and fled the scene after being fired because he had a warrant out for his arrest. However, once he got on the highway, another car wanted to race him, so naturally, Robbin accepted the challenge. Via Vice:

“So I started to race him, weaving between lanes and all that because there were a lot of cars on the road, it was a pretty prime time of day” he said. “I end up losing control at 100, going back and forth trying to correct as I’m fishtailing, then just completely lose it and smack into the sidewalk.”

Although he was under the influence of alcohol and marijuana and was also street racing at the time of the crash, he believes the true culprit was the faulty mechanics of the car itself.

“In retrospect, I had gotten a new Scion tC and I was trying to sell the one that I’d crashed,” he said. “But I had an alternator problem with the other one and didn’t get it fixed. And I completely forgot that my front right tie rod was bad, which controls steering.”

On top of revealing that his Scion tC crash was way worse than how it was portrayed on The Rehearsal, Robbin didn’t appreciate how the show “really, like, changed my personality.” One of his biggest complaints? He wasn’t portrayed talking about Jesus enough, which was his whole thing during the entire episode.

“I know I talked a lot more about Jesus than what they showed,” Robbin said. “Like mine and Angela’s conversation at the MacGyver Park, we were bouncing off each other, really sharing a lot of similarities with Christ.”

The Rehearsal airs Fridays at 11 PM EST on HBO.

(Via Vice)