Robocop Will Be On ‘Franklin & Bash’

Bros. BROS.

It’s been really long since we talked about everyone’s favorite show and I’m really sad about that because it was totes good times when I used to talk to you all about the episodes during the summer, which I also miss because I love going to the beach and CRUSHING BEERS and putting the top of my Jeep Wrangler down and picking up BIKINI SLUTS and oh yeah I got off track but YOU KNOW I’m talking about “Franklin & Bash,” son.

Well I have good news and bad news for you, which mathematically combines to makes it IN THE MIDDLE NEWS. First the bad news, which is that the show won’t be back till next summer which is FOREVER and TOO LONG because now with “Entourage” over there’s like nothing for my bros and I to relate to on the boob tube. (BOOBS.) But don’t get down because it’s like those Greek or Romans said “CARPE THE DIEM” or something. Well consider this diem carped because this season will feature a guest spot by Peter Weller aka Robocop aka BROBOCOP. Lay it on me, TV Line bros:

We can also report that Peter Weller (aka Robocop) is set to guest-star in an episode as a reclusive rock star whose estranged son is being evicted from a Hollywood music club he created. In that same episode, 14-time Emmy nominee Beau Bridges (Brothers & Sisters, The Closer) will reprise his role of Leonard Franklin as Jared faces off against his father in the courtroom.

SEE? TOLD YOU GUYS. Personally I think it’s pretty cool that Robocop is playing a rock star because Robocop was like a rock star of cops except he was a rock star who MURDERED PEOPLE and SAVED THE DAY and probably boned groupies with his ROBOT PENIS. Serious poll for the ladybros: Would you have boned Robocop? Don’t lie. You totally would have. DON’T LIE. My buddy Trent used to date this chick who blew three guys in the woods one time. She definitely would have boned Robocop except now she’s a teacher or something or maybe a nurse or whatever so maybe she’s not into that stuff anymore but I bet if you got a couple beers in her she still would. Trust me, bro. I CRUSH tail so I know what I’m talking about.