Rosie O’Donnell Is Probably Returning To ‘The View’ And Elisabeth Hasselbeck Is F*cking Furious

So I’ve been covering the shakeup going down over at The View over the past week, and I know a lot of commenters have been giving me crap for it. Let me just make something clear: I don’t particularly care about The View or who hosts it. But when there’s drama and schadenfreude involved? Holy hell am I going to be on that. So enough with the bologna about how this is news for your mom or that I should be writing for Jezebel or whatnot, because you clicked on the article so don’t act like secretly, deep down, you don’t enjoy this dirt as much as I do.

Now that we’ve moved past that: TMZ is reporting that Rosie O’Donnell has closed a deal to return to The View, and one person who is not excited for her former co-host is Elisabeth Hasselbeck. This is mostly due to the fact that Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Rosie O’Donnell hate each others guts. In fact, Hasselbeck was so incensed by the news that she actually interrupted her personal vacation to call in and bitch about it to her Fox and Friends co-hosts.

“What could ruin a vacation more than to hear news like this?” Hasselbeck said. “I know Rosie very well. We worked quite closely. Talk about not securing the border!”

“Here in comes to The View the very woman who spit in the face of our military, spit in the face of her own network, and really in the face of a person who stood by her and had civilized debates for the time that she was there, coming back with a bunch of control ready to regain a seat at the View table,” she continued.

Did Hasselbeck seriously use a metaphor to compare The View to the United States and Rosie O’Donnell to Mexicans? Of all of the groups of people that Republicans don’t like and think are ruining America, Rosie O’Donnell literally is a homosexual. I would think she would be able to come up with something more apt and creative than comparing her to a Mexican.

(Side note: Going by the header image, does anyone contest that Sarah Newlin from True Blood was 100% based on Elisabeth Hasselbeck?)

And if anyone wants a memory refresher, here’s the big blow out with Hasselbeck that caused O’Donnell to ditch The View in the first place. Never forget.

(Via Us Weekly)