Russell Crowe Mastered The Michael Jackson Crotch Grab On Fallon Last Night

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06.11.13 9 Comments


I decided I needed to give this clip a watch after running across the below GIF of everyone’s favorite sometimes moody actor turned UFO photographer thrusting his crotch along with Jimmy Fallon. Playful/possibly-drunk Russell Crowe is my favorite version of Russell Crowe.

I have no idea how his individual — presumably Man of Steel centric — interview with Jimmy prior to this went, but when choreographer Jamie King showed up and volunteered to teach Fallon some Michael Jackson dance moves, new Jor-El was more than happy to play along.

Dance tutorial begins at the 3:00 mark, and even though Jamie King is for some inexplicable reason focused on teaching Jimmy, Russell Crowe is the student you need to be paying attention to. Dude is all sorts of bought in and playing off the crowd, even if that means a morbid sight gag here and there.

And here you go if you’re only here for the crotch grabbing pelvic thrusts.


Russell Crowe variety hour stat!

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

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