Sad Littlefinger Is What ‘Game Of Thrones’ Not Being Back Until 2015 Looks Like

During a break from filming Game of Thrones in Belfast, Michael McElhatton and Conleth Hill tricked Aidan Gillen into buying a Magnum, telling him that if he got one, they’d totally join him. But they DIDN’T, and the look on Gillen’s bored, sad face in this fan photograph says it all: why won’t anyone join me?

Or something. I just love the way Littlefinger looks like he should be on the poster for an indie movie starring Josh Radnor, or campaigning in Baltimore. Also: 1) his expression is the way waiting until 2015 for Game of Thrones to return feels, a 2) there’s a 98% chance that ice cream has been poisoned.