Sadly, Season Two Of ‘Fargo’ Is Not Expected To Have The Same Leads

We’ve said this in a number of ways, but it bears repeating to those who haven’t tuned in yet: Fargo is the best show currently airing on television, and that includes Game of Thrones. There are at least three Emmy-worthy performances going on in it (Allison Tolman, Martin Freeman, and Billy Bob Thornton), the writing is on par with True Detective (and like True Detective, every episode was written by its showrunner, in this case Noah Hawley), and the cinematography and directing is outstanding. For those who like shocking deaths and WTF twists, Fargo is also doing that better than anyone now, even while staying true to the spirit of the original Coen Brothers’ film.

But don’t expect season two to have the same leads.

I suppose it stands to reason since Fargo is being submitted to the Emmys as a mini-series, where it should sweep the actor, actress, supporting actor, and best miniseries in those categories. But Hawley more or less confirmed it in a statement he made at the Austin ATX festival, saying that the series would not likely follow the same characters:

“When I went in and sat down with FX, I said the movie was as powerful as it was, because at the end you knew she was going to wake up tomorrow and it was going to be a normal day. And we’re saying it’s a true story, which it isn’t, but it’s following a certain true story logic, and it would strain credulity I think to have the continuing adventures of Molly and Gus with [a new storyline of] ‘What crazy Coen Brother case are they going to catch next time?’ My feeling is we would explore new territory, but nothing is set in stone yet.”

Billy Bob Thornton is only signed on for a year, Bob Odenkirk has Better Call Saul coming up, and Martin Freeman is always busy, and who knows which one of those characters would survive, anyway. I do hope, however, that when Hawley decides on a new storyline, he creates a character for Allison Tolman and that she is to Fargo what Jessica Lange is to American Horror Story: A potent acting weapon he can pull out every year.

Meanwhile, Hawley also said that he’s going to try and break Twitter with tonight’s episode and if Twitter doesn’t break tonight, next week’s “bloody” season finale should do the trick.

Source: EW