Samantha Bee Fans Are Already Rooting For Her To Host ‘The Daily Show’ After Trevor Noah’s Exit

Earlier this year, it was announced that Full Frontal With Samantha Bee would not be returning to TBS. This left Samantha Bee, the world’s only good late-night host (and one-time Jeopardy! hopeful) without anywhere to display her various political roasts and witty commentary.

Then this week, it was announced that Trevor Noah would be leaving The Daily Show after seven years. The announcement came soon after photos of Noah on an alleged date with pop star Dua Lipa hit the internet, though those two are probably unrelated, right? (Just having some fun!) Either way, there is now a vacant seat at the Daily Show desk, and some fans think that it’s time for a woman to take it.

Bee spent 12 years on The Daily Show before heading over to her own show on TBS in 2016. She was the first woman to host her own late-night satire show, so bringing her back to host The Daily Show would bring everything full circle! Many Twitter users seemed to agree that it’s time for Bee to step in for Noah.

In the past, Bee has been open about not seeing eye to eye with Comedy Central after Jon Stewart left the show, so maybe they’ll listen up and decide to have a woman as host.