‘Saved By The Bell’ Meets Chicken Wings In This Weird ‘Saturday Night Live’ Deleted Sketch

05.05.14 19 Comments

This Saturday Night Live deleted sketch about a chicken wing is a lot of things, which I will list now:

  • It is an homage to cheesy 1990s shows aimed at teens and pre-teens (your Saved by the Bells and California Dreamses and so on and so forth), right down to the sweet-ass wailing guitar riffs leading into every scene. There is a real shortage of wailing guitars on television these days. This is a shame. Wailing guitars really set the mood. More shows should utilize them. (cc: Matthew Weiner, Nic Pizzolato, Shonda Rhimes. bcc: Kurt Sutter.)
  • It is yet another showcase for Kyle Mooney to trot out his patented hyper-under-acting bit. I love this dearly, and I always will.
  • It is, like, super, super weird.
  • It is also wonderful.
  • But it is super weird.
  • It is a cruel cut from this Saturday’s episode, which I suppose I can understand, based mainly on that last bullet point and the fact that they already had an excellent pre-recorded sketch with The Beygency. But still, as someone who adores strange-ass, Adult-Swim-style comedy and making fun of crappy/fantastic ’90s television, this getting cut hurts me.

So, I guess it’s six things.

Source: Vulture

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