Schmidt Will Have to Put his Life Savings in the Douchebag Jar Now

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12.13.11 23 Comments

“New Girl” is one of those shows built around a big star, in this case Zooey Deschanel, where the big star is actually the least enjoyable character of the ensemble, although she’s not quite as useless as Winston. The show has no idea what to do with Winston, but even still, he’s less obnoxious than Deschanel, whose Zooey-ness has been cranked up to the eyeballs. PLEASE STOP SINGING YOUR INANE THOUGHTS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TURN DOWN THE WHIMSY. Point being: It’s an amusing show, but much of that has to do with Max Greenfield’s Schmidt, the most endearing douche on television. Below is a “leaked” dating video that Schmidt edited together in 2008, and it is remarkably douchetastic. You can actually smell the vinegar and water.

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