Sean Hannity Is The World’s Biggest Dave Chappelle Fan, According To Norman Reedus

Norman Reedus came armed with a few surprising stories for his appearance on The Tonight Show Friday night. Not only did we get to find out he was once a delinquent who would send the police chasing after him on his dirtbike — much like a real world Daryl Dixon — but we also found that he has a little friendship with Dave Chappelle. Seeing how Chappelle is in the headlines these days thanks to his Netflix specials and SNL appearance, it’s fitting that Reedus would have an odd tale related to the comedian.

The best part is that it barely has anything to do with Reedus and Chappelle doing anything crazy. The odd party in this story is Sean Hannity, “geeking out” on Chappelle and apparently showering him with free tequila:

“When I first met Dave, Sean Hannity kept sending us tequila shots…He ran into Dave, and I guess he geeked out on Dave, and he kept sending the table tequila shots. It was so weird. It became a running thing.”

Sean Hannity acting like Christopher Walken in The Continental to Dave Chappelle and Norman Reedus is likely one of the stranger things you could say about the Fox News host. It seems like the opposite of something Hannity would do on a night out, like there’s not even a drop of eagle blood in play here and he wasn’t berating the waitstaff. Could be bogus or we have a Sean Hannity look-alike running around, named Ken Hannity. Just chillax and enjoy the sounds of the waves in your head with Ken Hannity.

(Via The Tonight Show)