Sean Hayes Showed The World Exactly How A Late Night Talk Show Should Open

There are some interesting things going on over there on The Late Late Show in the interim between the time that Craig Ferguson left back in December and when James Corden takes over in March. In fact, with its rotating hosts, the show is probably getting more publicity than it ever will under James Corden. A couple of weeks ago, Letterman called out Corden while Regis Philbin was hosting (Letterman later apologized. Sort of). Before that, Lena Dunham confessed sex fantasies about Chris Farley to Adam Sandler, when Judd Apatow hosted. Then on Friday, Adam Pally and Ben Schwartz hosted, and things got really, really weird.

Last night was Sean Hayes’ (Will & Grace) turn behind the desk, and he took the opportunity to open the show with a fantastic, elaborately choreographed dance number. Hayes himself may not have nailed all the moves, but his back-up dancers sure as hell did, and it made for one helluva thrilling open.

Let’s see James Corden top that.

Source: The Late Late Show