Here's A Composite Of All Of Jerry's Girlfriends On 'Seinfeld'

Ever wonder what it would look like if Courtney Cox, Teri Hatcher, Anna Gunn, and a slew of other recognizable actresses Jerry dated over the course of Seinfeld would look like if all their ’90s features were blended into one? Sure you have! And so has Upstate New York artist Richard Prince. He just recently unveiled “Jerry’s Girl” to the internet and it’s as real and fabulously diluted as you hoped.

The work isn’t without controversy though, as Prince asserts Jerry had 57 girlfriends and Vulture points out Wikipedia counts 73 total sneaker-loving lady friends. DRA-MA. All I know is my Elaine mannequin and I are going to stay out of it and you can take a look at the full thing below.

@RichardPrince4 via Vulture/Animal