Seth MacFarlane Predicted His Own Crappy Reviews On ‘The Tonight Show’

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05.24.14 12 Comments
seth fallon


I cannot wait for A Million Ways to Die In the West to be in theaters.

Then I’ll never have to see that horrible block of ice joke EVERY COMMERCIAL BREAK ever again. As for the movie itself? Eh. It looks so-so, unless you consider it an educational film about why you should watch Blazing Saddles again. In that sense, it’s as effective as a Laurel and Hardy handshake.

Seth MacFarlane knows most people aren’t going to like it, so on last night’s The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, he predicted the crappy review headlines West is going to get from the likes of the Atlanta Constitution (“Only One Black Person in MacFarlane Western”) and an Arizona newspaper (“Only One Black Movie from MacFarlane Western!!!”). But what would Gene Shalit think?

“Boy, what a cow. A Million Ways to Die In the West had me stampeding for the exit.”

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