Rudy Giuliani Is Blaming ‘Fascism’ For TV Networks Turning Their Back On Him; Seth Meyers Thinks It’s More About ‘Not Wanting To Scare The Children At Home’

Much like his good buddy Donald Trump, who — patriot he is — claimed that the greatest part about being president was the added fame and rich friends it bought him, Rudy Giuliani is here for the spotlight. Though the former New York City Mayor has lost his right to practice law in New York and Washington, D.C. and is currently the target of a criminal probe in Georgia, he seems more concerned about when, if ever, Fox News will ever let him back on the air.

Rudy was just one of the MAGA “doinks” Seth Meyers laid into on Thursday night, and how “they’re always on camera complaining about something extremely weird. Like Rudy, who recently went on his podcast to insist, once again, the election was stolen — and also complain that no one was inviting him on TV anymore.”

(That Rudy’s podcast is called “Common Sense” is a joke in and of itself.)

Rudy went off on a whole unhinged tangent, in which he claimed that “they want us ignored, they want us put in prison, they want all our property taken from us, [and] they don’t want to allow us to be employed.” (No, we don’t know who “they” is either.) But Rudy’s real problem was clearly that “they don’t want any television station to put us on, and they say so. And the television stations comply. That’s not fascism?” (FYI: we don’t know who “they” is either.)

Meyers took a minute to answer Rudy’s question and explain that, “no, it’s not [fascism]. I don’t think it’s fascism so much as not wanting to scare the children at home.”

And as far as “they” not wanting “us” to be employed? “Who’s ‘us,’” Meyers wanted to know. “They don’t want you employed. And you shouldn’t be employed. You’re 78. You should be retired and enjoying your golden years — just playing golf in your JNCO shorts.”

You can watch the full clip above, beginning around the 9:00 mark.