Rudy Giuliani Can’t Believe That Fox News Will Make Time For A ‘Loser’ Like Mike Pence, But Won’t Have Him On

If Fox News can make time “for a loser and a coward like Mike Pence,” then why can’t they give some airtime to a loser and a coward like Rudy Giuliani? That’s the question the former New York City mayor seems to be asking in his never-ending quest to get back on the Fox News airwaves.

As Raw Story reports, Rudy—who should be more worried about his own Dominion lawsuit—is still railing against Fox News, more than eight months after they effectively banned him from appearing on the network. On Wednesday, the former New York City mayor appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room program (which seems to be just the only place he’s still welcome to show his face, with the exception of Cameo) to rail against the ban.

The way Giuliani sees it, Fox News is just marching to the orders of some leftists. As he told Bannon:

“Would Roger Ailes have tolerated — the other day, Donald Trump returns to Washington, D.C. for the first time since he left, to give a keynote address on law and order and anarchy in our major cities. Mike Pence gives a seventeen minute bromides for a high school kid, cut and paste, absolutely ridiculous, they cover seventeen minutes and they blow a commercial break, which is like a mortal sin over at Fox, right? They blow a commercial break to cover all of it. Why do they have a thumb on the scale for a loser and a coward like Mike Pence, and they’re up against, trying to defeat again, Donald J. Trump?”

But Rudy’s outrage wasn’t about Trump or Pence. It was about Rudy! “That whole thing with Roger [Ailes] was a setup because they thought they were going to have to move to the left, so that’s where they are now. I mean, how could they not have me on on September 11th? They went through September 11 as if I never existed. I mean, it’s amazing. They’re part of the make-up-history-the way-they-want-it-to-be-network.”

Giuliani — if you haven’t heard — was mayor of New York City during the September 11th attacks and celebrated around the world for his response to the tragedy, which basically amounted to just showing up. Still, it was enough to get him christened “America’s Mayor” and see him featured on the cover of TIME as its Person of the Year. But none of that old news matters to Fox News right now.

Fox News had made their point pretty clear: Giuliani is a major liability. The network is currently embroiled in a “nightmare” $1.6 billion lawsuit with Dominion Voting Systems, the company that provided voting machines to 28 U.S. states during the 2020 presidential election, for letting guests like Giuliani and his fellow Big Lie-pushing cronies throw up bullsh*t conspiracy theories all over their airwaves without any sort of proof and really no questions asked. By the way: It’s a suit that many legal experts think Dominion can win, which will make a huge dent in Fox’s checkbook (and they thought the estimated $13 million they had to fork over to make Bill O’Reilly’s sexual harassment claims go bye-bye was a lot). Until they feel that they can allow Rudy onto a show and be assured that he’ll act like a big boy and not get them sued, they’re keeping him at bay. Which is where many people seem to prefer him.

(Via Raw Story)