10,000 Volunteers Have Turned San Francisco Into Gotham City So A 5-Year-Old With Cancer Can Be Batman

Remember when we told you about five-year-old Miles, the badass (sorry for the language, Miles!) Batman fan with leukemia who the Make-a-Wish Foundation said they’d transform San Francisco into Gotham City for? Well, it’s really happening today, thanks to the efforts of over 10,000 volunteers. Bow down to the #SFBatKid.

On Friday, by Make-A-Wish’s count, thousands of volunteers will cheer on “Batkid” as he defeats the Riddler and the Penguin at locations around San Francisco. The mayor will present Miles with a key to the city. Police Chief Greg Suhr will step in as Commissioner Gordon to alert Miles when his heroics are needed.

Miles and his family arrived in San Francisco on Thursday, the foundation said. His parents have been briefed on Friday’s events, but Miles still does not know the extent of what’s to come. (Via)

Now he does:

Watch an adorable livestream of the event here, and feel free to let the tears flow.

UPDATE: The President of the United States has weighed in…

UPDATE #2: Obama made a personalized Vine video for Batkid, and the Mayor of San Francisco presented him with a key to the city.

(Banner via Instagram, other photos via @pilarwish&@KRON4MPeltonVia SF Gate)