Marvel Fans Can’t Believe How Much The CGI In ‘She-Hulk’ Has Improved Since The First Trailer

Heading into the premiere of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law there were concerns about the show’s CGI after Marvel fans got a look at the first trailer. Let’s just say there were a whole lot of Avatar jokes, and it was becoming the elephant in the room. Things got to the point where star Tatiana Maslany had to defend the VFX artists who have been working under less than optimal conditions on not just She-Hulk, but the industry as a whole.

“I feel incredibly, like, deferential to how talented these artists are and how quickly they have to work, obviously, like much quicker than probably should be given to them, in terms of like churning these things out,” Maslany told Variety earlier in the month. Her concerns were echoed by head writer Jessica Gao.

“It’s terrible that a lot of artists feel rushed and feel that the the workload is too massive,” Gao said. “I mean, I think everybody on this panel stands in solidarity with all workers and is very pro-good working conditions.”

In a nutshell, the whole situation was less than ideal, and it appears that the culprit is that Marvel might have rushed the trailer because the CGI in the first episode is actually fine. (We can confirm that the visual effects are significantly better than the trailer.) Following She-Hulk‘s premiere, fans have been flocking to Twitter to voice their surprise that the CGI looks pretty darn good.

You can see some of the reactions below:

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