‘She-Hulk’ Star Tatiana Maslany Is Not Here For The ‘Strong Female Lead’ Label, Thank You Very Much

With the arrival of Disney+’s She-Hulk nearly upon us, star Tatiana Maslany is pulling no punches, much like the reputation of, you know, hulks. In that spirit, she recently came to the defense of the show’s VFX artists after people criticized how the show’s CGI looked in previews. Maslany’s rationale was that these artists are working under enormous time constraints, and Mark Ruffalo (whose Bruce Banner obviously appears in the show) took a similar stance while responding to mutterings of how Marvel’s output is so jam-packed that it’s hard for even audiences to keep up, but now, the lead actress is here to let people know that isn’t simply a muscly-lady show.

Rather, Maslany is pushing back at the “strong female lead” label altogether because she’d prefer that the chatter revolve around the show itself rather than initially mention that a show revolves around members of marginalized communities. As she told The Guardian, “I’m really interested in when these [marginalised] voices get to speak without it being like: ‘Oh my God, it’s all women,’ or, ‘Oh my God, this is a story about a queer couple,’ and those stories become as innately expected as they are now special.”

She continued while explaining that these labels are “reductive.” And she added, “It’s just as much a shaving off of all the nuances, and just as much of a trope. It’s a box that nobody fits into. Even the phrase is frustrating. It’s as if we’re supposed to be grateful that we get to be that.” Well, it’s not easy being green, either, so it will be quite a trip to see how audiences receive She-Hulk while hopefully not putting it into too many boxes. We won’t have long to find out because the show debuts on August 18.

(Via The Guardian)