Expect A Slightly Kinder Detective In Season Four Of ‘Sherlock’

On New Year’s Day, Sherlock will be returning to fans after a long hiatus (give or take a Christmas special) as the perfect antidote to your NYE hangovers. Everyone’s favorite sleuths, Sherlock and Watson, will be back on whatever case crosses their paths this time, but from the sounds of things, they may be a little different this time around. First of all, Watson and his wife, Mary, are now parents to a newborn, but apparently Sherlock is “slightly less of a d*ck.”

At a London screening, star Benedict Cumberbatch (you may have heard of him) claims that the detective has “blindsided himself with his own humanity.”

Sherlock, Cumberbatch said on the night of the screening in London, “is becoming, in a very clear way, responsible for his actions. But I think he understands that it’s a slow, slow process that began in the very first instance when he met John” and found the “needed missing part of the jigsaw that is him,” beginning a friendship that “has been a humanizing element all the way through.” (via)

For a man who once declared that “he doesn’t have friends,” this is some awfully touching character development. This does lead one to wonder, though, who is this mastermind if he’s not a tactless jerk? We’ll just have to wait and see what Sunday’s episode brings. Especially if it’s our last shot.

(Via Deadline)