‘Sherlock’ Season Three Will Appear Exclusively On Netflix With Additional Content

If you’re like me, you might’ve missed the last season of Sherlock and anxiously waited for it to appear with the other seasons online. I am a fan, but I also have a long standing rivalry with local public television. They know what they did.

Well our time will finally come on Monday when Sherlock is added to streaming selections. The only hitch is you’d better have Netflix. From Vulture:

On Monday, the third season of Sherlock will become available for streaming exclusively on Netflix. The service will also stream Sherlock Uncovered, a set of three half-hour making-of specials following each episode, and Unlocking Sherlock, a one-hour behind-the-scenes feature about the making of the series. To mark the occasion, Vulture caught up briefly with executive producer Steven Moffat and his wife, producer Sue Vertue, who told us a rewatch could prove enlightening

This is probably bad news for you fans who use Amazon Prime and meh news for those of you who pirate everything you can get your hands on. As for those who already watched, you can piss off. At least you Prime folks can still get Orphan Black.

Probably not reason enough to splurge on a Netflix account if you’re lacking, but it is another nice example that Netflix is growing in power. They’re nabbing up exclusives and original programming left and right. Once they start sweeping awards shows, there might be a realization that TV needs to pick up its game.

Until then, I’ll be watching Sherlock. And Luther which is adding season three on June 6th.

(Via Vulture)