Showtime Says Its Potential ‘Dexter’ Spinoff Won’t Be A Spinoff At All

Even before Dexter ended its eight-season run, we heard a lot about the idea of Showtime doing a Dexter spinoff. During the Television Critics Association this week, Showtime president David Nevins admitted that it’s still a thing that could happen.

However, Nevins noted that it wouldn’t be a spinoff because it would continue to be about Michael C. Hall’s character, Dexter. Indeed, he said, Showtime wouldn’t do the “spinoff” without Hall involved, and not as a producer, but as a character.

However, Nevins also noted that, if they were to make the series, “I would want to do Dexter in a new concept and configuration. I want it to feel different – not just a continuation of the old show.” So, it wouldn’t be a continuation, it would be a new “concept” and “configuration”? That doesn’t make a damn bit of sense unless they plan to bring Dexter back to focus only on his life as a lumberjack in Alaska. I mean, you can do a new configuration — Dexter develops a new family in a different location — but you can’t really change the “concept” unless you nix the part of Dexter that’s about him being a serial killer, which is THE POINT OF THE CHARACTER, so why even bring him back?

If it’s about Dexter, and Dexter is still a serial killer, then no matter how you try to spin it, that “spinoff” is a “continuation” of the series. You may as well call it Dexter, season nine.

Meanwhile, referring to the finale of Dexter, Nevins also said this:

“Honestly, it was never even discussed, the idea of killing him. The people who were really in the center, which was Michael, Scott Buck, Sara Colleton, it was never even… no one even brought up the idea. It wasn’t discussed.”

I have a question for Showtime, then. WHY THE HELL NOT? Seriously? In a show about a serial killer, there was never even a THOUGHT to killing him in the end? You’re telling me that the most logical and just ending to the series NEVER EVEN ENTERED THEIR MINDS?

No wonder Dexter ran off the rails in the end. The people behind Dexter were suffering from a severe case of headupass.

Source: IGN