Simon Pegg Deserves Award Consideration For Teaching Conan And Andy The 12 Stages Of Drunk Acting

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09.11.13 7 Comments


Thanks to his soothing accent and wonderful anecdotes I’m pretty much forever programmed to share any and all late night interviews with Simon Pegg. The one from Conan last night especially, as not only is it Simon, Conan, and Andy discussing drinking, nurses who pub crawl, and feeling sorry for exotic dancers with bruises, it also finishes with Mr. Pegg proving a lesson in acting (ACTING!). And not just any variation of acting, but his oh-so-nuanced approach to drunk acting.

There’s so much pint-chugging and fighting in The World’s End in fact that they developed the “12 Stages of Drunkenness” as a tool for measuring just how intoxicated to act in a given scene. It’s no wonder he was the man to nail drunk Ron Weasley. That portion starts at the 2:35 mark, but I’d recommend watching the whole thing for the easy bar name jokes alone.

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