‘Simpsons’ Photos To Describe Losing Your Virginity Is A Cromulent Use Of Facebook

Before we begin, let me once again remind you to never search Google for “the simpsons sex,” even when you’re only looking for a harmless Tumblr screenshot from “Natural Born Kissers.” Once you’ve seen Bart plowing Marge in his bed, while Milhouse watches and licks from behind, and Stan from American Dad! is also there for some reason, you can never go back.

Anyway, from the great minds in the trivia group that brought us Simpsons Fan Complains About Too Many Quotes in a Simpsons Facebook Group” comes the superior sequel: “Describe the time you lost your virginity with a Simpsons pic.” Like so.

Oof, that still stings. Here are the best HOT STUFF, COMIN’ THROUGH responses so far: