Stephen Colbert Interviewed Smaug The Dragon And Got Him To Call Benedict Cumberbatch A Hack

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Stephen Colbert, as we all know, is departing bastion of impartiality The Colbert Report for some frivolous late night talk show. But before he goes, he’s managed to land a rare, crucial interview with a misunderstood political figure of Middle-Earth. Namely, Smaug.

In a far-reaching interview, Smaug discusses his support of Rand Paul, throws major shade at Orlando Bloom and that hack Benedict Cumberbatch, and lays out the difficulty of motion capture when you’re a three-ton fire drake just trying to make it in Hollywood. Also, he ate the entire cast of The View, so we’re suddenly far more inclined to hear his side of the story.

Joking aside, this is worth watching even if you couldn’t care less about The Hobbit, simply because Cumberbatch so perfectly nails the typical vapid Hollywood movie star. Except he’s a giant dragon. And Cumberbatch can only use his face and voice. Hey, Comedy Central has room in their schedule, perhaps Smaug could get a regular gig with them.