‘SNL’ Cold Open Finds Joe Biden Getting Sensitivity Training For His Touchy-Feely Vibes

So Joe Biden had a rough week. The former veep, who may or may not be running for president, was so roughed up over his longtime touchy-feely antics with others, including women, that this week’s SNL cold open wasn’t even about Donald Trump.

As they often do with political sketches, SNL farmed out the big role to a non-cast member. In this case, it was show alum Jason Sudeikis, who does an amazing Joe Biden. The skit found his advisors (Keenan Thompson and Cecily Strong) trying, struggling, flailing about as they tried to talk some sense into their boss, who has no idea why people are a little creeped out by a guy who really, really, really likes to massage people he’s never met.

Sudeikis’ Biden started by barging through the door, and never once let up. He was forced to meet with a sensitivity trainer (Kate McKinnon), who quickly divined her job was going to be tough. Biden cited a recent genealogy test that prompted him to crow, “Turns out I’m 100% Eskimo, so I’m allowed to touch noses.”

Biden kept trying to move the goal posts with his cool-headed but clearly flustered trainer. “What if, during the handshake, I tickle her palm a bit?” he inquired. He also saw no problem with pulling up someone’s shirt and blowing into their belly.

At least not all of the test subjects McKinnon brought on were freaked out by the failed reformed Biden. Leslie Jones, as one, instantly referred to him as “Obama’s granddaddy,” signaling he had a pass for whatever lewd behavior. Soon it was she, not him, who was pounded on his butt.

Of course, Biden is only being raked over the coals for being kind of creepy. It was Biden who brought up the orange-haired elephant in the room, inquiring about “the guy who bragged about assault on tape.” To which his advisors reminded him, “Unlike your voters, his voters don’t care.”

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