Things Went Hilariously Off The Rails When Peyton Manning Stopped By ‘SNL’ To Talk Football But Couldn’t Get Past His Obsession With ‘Emily In Paris’

Peyton Manning has two Super Bowl wins under his belt. He was an MVP five times. He was the quarterback for two great teams. He’s an NFL god who handles live TV technical issues well. And on the latest SNL, he outed himself as a massive fan of Emily in Paris.

Weekend Update invited the former quarterback on, ostensibly to talk about this weekend’s playoff games and the rumors that Tom Brady may or not be retiring. But Manning didn’t want to talk about that. When co-anchor Coin Jost asked for his take on recent games, he first tried to bluff through it. Soon he admitted that he “had an hour to kill before the first game, so just for fun, I put on the first episode of Emily in Paris Season 2, and I watched the entire season straight through.”

And from then on out, Peyton Manning couldn’t stop gushing about Darren Star’s Golden Globe-nominated rom-com program starring Phil Collins’ daughter.

“Oh my god, Colin,” Peyton Manning said. “This show has everything: romance, adventure, sensuality, culture, a fresh take on feminism — finally — not to mention a culinary tapestry so rich, I could only describe it as ‘food porn.’”

Jost inevitably asked Manning about Tom Brady’s rumored retirement. But Manning punted. “Yeah, I’m not sure it’s true. I think it’s probably just speculation. But if it were me, I probably would retire, too, if it gave me more time to watch Emily in Paris,” Manning said. “I really think for Tom right now, it’s just a tough decision between balancing his career and relationships, sort of like Emily.”

Manning continued to sing the praises of the Netflix hit, but when Jost asked if he thought Season 2 was an improvement on the first, Manning was flabbergasted: “Wait, there’s a Season 1?”

You can watch the sketch in the video above.