Eli Manning Had A Hysterical Reaction To Peyton Saying ‘I Can’t Hear Sh*t’ On Their Playoff Broadcast

The Manningcast rolled into the NFL Playoffs with an alternate broadcast of the Cardinals-Rams Wild Card matchup in L.A. on Monday night, and viewers were quick to learn that nothing was changing from a broadcast quality standpoint just because it was the postseason.

Peyton and Eli were still in separate home studios and the charm of the somewhat DIY nature of the broadcast, with two former players and no polished host directing traffic was still very much present. One of the joys of the Manningcast this season has been the guys and their guests being extremely laid back, sometimes to the dismay of ESPN, from Eli throwing up the double birds while asking “can I do this?” — the answer was no — to Marshawn Lynch cussing throughout his appearance.

Our latest instance of Manningcast cussin’ arrived early on Monday night when some technical difficulties led to a hilarious exchange in which Eli tried to get Peyton to breakdown the Rams first touchdown of the night while Peyton grumbled “I can’t hear sh*t.”

Eli’s quick “nevermind!” is hysterical, as Peyton clearly thought he had been completely disconnected, rather than just messing up his earpiece while still being mic’d up and live. The Manningcast is the gift that keeps on giving in terms of entertaining outtakes, and while it’d be nice if they can figure out a way to clean up some of the delay and talking over their guests, I hope if they come back for 2022 they never lose this element of the broadcast.