Sofia Vergara On Joe Manganiello’s ‘Magic Mike’ Injuries: ‘It’s Dangerous To Be A Stripper’

Sofia Vergara visited Conan last night, where she discussed her love of dancing, which led to Conan bringing up that time Vergara’s boyfriend Joe Manganiello taught him some smooth moves he picked up doing Magic Mike earlier this year. Or as Conan called referred to it, “a real erotic surprise” for Vergara.

Vergara said it was fun watching Manganiello prepare for the movie, but cackled as she mentioned “an accident” he had while doing one if the stripper dance scenes. Apparently, “it’s dangerous to be a stripper” and not all fun and games as most people think. Although if you polled your run-of-the-mill “Booby Trap” employee, I think you’d get confirmation that being a stripper is definitely not fun and games.

The whole clip is worth the price of admission to hear Sofia Vergara call Conan “creepy” a bunch of times. Womp, poor Conan.